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Legs & Smoke w/ Vanessa! ~ Sweet Maria


She’s back! Vanessa is back, in a super hot smoking, pantyhose and legs fetish clip!

This clip starts with me, enjoying a Marlboro all white cigarette by myself. Vanessa then comes into the room and I can’t help but to stare at her beautiful, slim, elegant legs in silky soft sheer-black pantyhose (pov). She sits by me and puts her legs on my lap. She caresses my legs in sheer-nude pantyhose and I caress hers. I ask if she wants a smoke, which she politely refuses. But I want to share this feeling of pure pleasure with her, I am determined: so I take deep drags from my cigarette, then blow the smoke on her face and in her mouth. I also blow smoke on her pantyhosed legs (pov). She enjoys it, even though she’s resisting the urge to join me. Why resist something so delicious, soooo good!?

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