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The Doctors Patient Colight Coherent Light Photography


The Doctor knows what’s best: that’s the theme behind this dark-side video from deep in the CoherentLight vaults. The Scruffy Guy pays a higher price then usual for an office call when the doctor decides he’s a perfect candidate for her special conditioning program. She and her nurse dope him up and take him home to play with their friends. He’s hooded in rubber to stifle sight and sound and wrapped in a straight-jacket to keep him immobile while four women blow clouds of smoke into his specially modified fire fighters mask. The clear shield is flooded again and again with smoke which shrouds his face and acclimates him to their favorite pasttime: smoking. They escalate the exposure to their sensuous smoke by blocking the exit tube and eventually seal it with a balloon to ensure that every gram of smoke wraps around his face. Not content to just end it there, the women cinch a smoking gag into his mouth and force him to draw the first few lungfulls before allowing him the slightest wisp of air. Much to their delight he learns to accept the thick mouthfuls. They then use him as no others ever have. Filling his mouth with a new toy, these four women empty their lungs into him. Forcing their smoke through his airways so they can see it flow from his nostrils. Totally subject to their will, their new toy accepts his place as a conduit for their smoke. Finally, four women lounge in the doctor’s custom-decorated home. Enjoying the fruits of her program the women use smoke-trained men as their tables, ashtrays and cigarette servants. They deliver the coup-de-grace to the new piece of furniture as they gather around him to wrap his now-happy face in wreaths of smoke. This video does have about two minutes of non-smoking footage near the beginning, necessary for plot development. The video was re-rendered from the original analog tapes, so there is a bit of degraded quality at times – but you’ll never see another video like it. It features dialogue and natural sound.

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