Lisa Bombshell Sexy Smoker


Gorgeous smoking babe Lisa is back in her first full length sexy smoking video after shooting a few scenes about a year ago when she had recently started smoking. Now after a year of regular smoking she is an addicted pack a day cigarette loving beauty showing off her sexy smoking style in 6 all new sexy smoking scenes. Lisa was nervous when she did her first few videos last year, now she is 19 with plenty of confidence as she puts on an awesome smoke show. She smokes her cigarettes with big drags, deep inhales, sexy snap inhales, thick exhales, some RAY exhales, some double drags and lots of eye contact as she enjoys her cigarettes. Lisa is an adorable gorgeous girl with a wholesome look that one would not think that she smokes but smoking is one of her favorite activities. Lisa smokes 6 Marlboro Reds in 6 new scenes, each scene is captured from two angles and all are included. Awesome sexy smoking from bombshell smoking beauty Lisa !!!

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