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Lola Exploiting Cigarettes Mercilessly


This video introduces Lola, a heavy smoking woman from Spain who easily smokes 3 packs of cigarettes “on a proper party”. But she also admits that smoking that much does not always lead to more satisfaction if compared to her average 30 cigarettes per day amount.

In this video, she proves that she is definitely an accomplished heavy smoker as her drags and inhales are uncomprising and thus effective enough to keep her supplied with nicotine. Check out the scenes:

Scene 1: Lola is sitting at a table, dressed in red and powers through 3 cigarettes confidently. Thereby she answers some questions about her smoke-filled life.
Scene 2: Short outside scene with nice natural lightning.
Scene 3: Lola is sitting on an armchair dressed in black and smoking one cigarette. A variety of view angles will help you to admire her smoking skills.
Scene 4: Lola smokes two cigarettes while standing in front of the camera. This time, she wears a white dress.
Lola is the perfect example for the fact that a lot of young women in your town are good-looking committed heavy smokers. So just enjoy this part of reality if you watch this video.

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