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Marina: Smoking Sunbather


This video features Marina in her own ‘beach’ clip, filmed (as the others) in a more natural, candid style. In this clip we see Marina enjoying five cigarettes on the beach as she relaxes in the sun, and has a dip in the sea. Due to the candid nature of the clip the sound and lighting is not up to studio levels, as you would expect from a video of this type. That is not to say that you cannot enjoy Marina’s fantastic smoking style, as she does dangles, double pumps and nose and mouth exhales.

The last minutes of the video feature an interview to this girl, talking sincerelly about her smoking habits, about how difficult is for her to get satisfied on life. The stress of her work can make her to smoke 30 cigarettes per day.

Throughout the video she shows off her sensuous Brazilian body, her bikini top barely containing her breasts. Just imagine seeing this beauty on your local beach, proudly chain smoking each powerful cigarette right down to the filter. The candid ambience really adds to this girl’s slightly self conscious, slightly shy appeal that allows her personality to shine through.

For anyone who is a fan of candid smoking videos, or beautiful women smoking in bikini’s this has to be seen!

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