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Marlboro Reds & Double Hits: Jade’s Audible Inhales SmokingFetishStudio


Jade smokes another two cigarettes in this 6 minute scene. The first while laying on her back on her bed in revealing lingerie. Subsequently you can view her expanding breasts rise and fall with each hard drag she takes on her beloved Marlboro Reds – a brand which she loves smoking and smokes every day, and secondly, scene 2 is Jade sitting in a chair taking double hits on her Marlboro.

Jade’s lungs really are cast iron! Without prompting she begins taking double pumps (in scene 2) as she loves to feel the smoke swirling around her body. Her breasts, in both scenes, rise deeply after each enormous drag, and when Jade takes a massive double pump her breasts appear that they may even bulge through her lingerie! She’s happy to fill her body with as much smoke as possible and MUST be starved of oxygen, although Jade is gratified to keep delivering delicious smoke into her lungs.

After her second cigarette I ask her (off camera) if she needs a break and she reassures me that she’s totally comfortable smoking another couple of cigarettes. A feat that many models I work with cannot tolerate.

I always ask the models I work with to take a few still captures with an HD camera to accompany the filmed material. For THOUSANDS of exclusive pictures please sign-up to my newsletter via this link: and start receiving your FREE pictures instantly.

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