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Mireya: Power-Smoking


Mireya smokes up her lungs in this sexy video! This clip features 3 different scenes where she shows her ability to demolish 6 cigarettes while powersmoking with strength!

Mireya starts the first scene sat in a armchair, and chain-smoking 2 cigarettes here. Her average drags rate is about 2 to sometimes 3 in a row, exhaling thick clouds of rich smoke through her nostrils, and showing some eventual open mouth inhales and drifting. You’ll notice that her cheeks are basically completely collapsed as she sucks so hard on her cigarette! Some shots allow you to see some great breast expansions but the main focal is close-up.

In the second scene, we filmed Mireya from profile and 3/4 face. She lights up 2 cigarettes by the window. She has lip gloss on and out of the shower wet hairs. Her urge to smoke is as intense as in the first scene with long heavy drags. There are beautiful close-ups in this scene with amazingly thick exhales while powersmoking!

The third scene takes place in the living room. Mireya lies comfortably in cushions to enjoy 2 more cigarettes with a chewing gum, while texting on her phone. Because she just wears her sexy bra on, there is an unrestricted view on her breast dance. Smoking is calmer here but still very powerful with huge cheek hollowing and rich exhales.

Mireya lights all her cigarettes with a red lighter. Here, she shows again her ease to smoke storms of cigarettes, just quickly filling her lungs of warm smoke without any cough or break for fresh air!

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