Mommys Toys And Friends Coherent Light Photography


In this extreme dark-side video, the smoking is sensational and the content is nasty. There’s no nudity or sex, but the verbal content is just plain explicit and incredibly filthy. If you offend easily, it might be best not to read any further. The first segment in this video shows Mommy Nadja playing with a huge strapon as she gives orders and encouragement to you and the guys using you. The second segment is a tight facial view of the first segment. And in the third segment, Nadja warns that if you don’t climax to her nasty dialogue as she again plays with a huge strap-on, she’ll take matters into her own hands (and toy). Nadja’s smoking is terrific as always, with lots of thick nose exhales in addition to snaps, frenches, cones and dangles – but once again, be ready for dialogue that’s as extreme as it can get.

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