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Alison Intense Smoking Beauty


Introducing new incredible smoking model Alison, an intense heavy smoking gorgeous young lady with a tall slender sexy body. Alison is a local fashion runway and portrait model who happens to really love smoking cigarettes. When I first met her her I thought she was in her twenties due to the way she carries herself with confidence and has a strong personality and knows what she wants, well it turns out that she is just 18 but she has developed a very strong smoking style for a girl of her age.
Alison smokes her cigarettes to receive the large amount of nicotine she desires. Her drags are often hands free hard cheek hollowing drags giving her tons of smoke that she forcefully inhales as deep into her lungs as she can, and often she just holds all that strong thick smoke inside her before releasing a thick exhale. All the sounds of her aggressive style of smoking are clearly captured giving you the full effect of this beautiful young lady getting the necessary nicotine from her cigarettes.
Alison smokes 6 cigarettes in 6 scenes, each scene is captured from two angle for a total of 12 smoking scenes. 1 Marlboro Red 100, 1 full flavor Parliament, 2 Marlboro Reds and 2 Marlboro 72s.
Alison probably has the most natural intense smoking style of all the models I have filmed, this is her natural smoking style. Alison is a gorgeous elegant young model, usually girls that look like her can’t smoke like her, this beauty can really smoke!!!!

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