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Random Snaps Special #162


This video opens with playful, seductive Charli in two scenes, first as she enjoys a VS 120 and tries on jewelry with lots of dangles, and then smokes a cork 100 in bra and panties and a cowboy hat. There are cheek-hollowing drags, thick exhales and great snaps throughout. Natalie is on the couch working on her hair as she smokes an all-white, showing us deep inhales, beautiful snaps, huge cone exhales and dangling. Tina T. is in pigtails and has her VS 120s as well, and she revels in her deep drags, snaps, mouth and nose exhales, and hands-free smoking. It’s a 120s kind of day, and next up is beautiful Lauren with her VS 120s in several scenes showing long and slow inhales, with equally slow and beautiful nose and mouth exhales. She also enjoys an apple as she smokes – smoking must make her hungry. It’s corks all the way for Kim B., of course, as she chains them while wearing a sexy lace-up bra and open black jacket, and showing her usual fantastic drags, snap-french inhales, and mouth and mouth-nose exhales. There is a little dialogue and natural sound in this title.

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