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Sasha Starts Smoking Cigarettes


Sexy model Sasha chain smokes 2 VS120s in this custom video with the following story line:
Sasha is a high school freshman who’s mom smokes. She has been curious about smoking since she was very young and even snuck a puff when her mom wasn’t looking back when she was little and found she liked it. She got in a lot of trouble for it though and never tried it again. Now that she’s older she wants to smoke really bad. She no longer cares about the risk of getting in trouble and decides she’s gonna smoke a pack a day like her mom. She gets home from school one day before her parents are home searches the house for her moms VS 120’s. She knows her mom has a carton finds it in her room. She takes a pack and goes to her room and calls her mom to make sure they wont be back for a while. She lights up and inhales deep right away. It burns a little but feels really good and she gets addicted immediately. Having watched her mom do snaps/OMI’s she tries to do them and gets them down in no time. After the first one she wants another really bad. When she is almost done with the second one she hears her mom get home and scrambles to cover up that she was smoking.
Captured from two angles and both are included.

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