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Saskia & Diana Smoking Girlfriends


Come to a smoking massage sessions with two beautiful girls: Saskia and Diana. During this video, the two girls chain-smoke corks and 120s using lighter.

Scene 1: Diana gives a shoulder massage to Saskia. Both girls relax and burn their cork Nobel cigarettes with greed. Diana smokes with deep long drags, most of the time dangling her cigarette, taking some double pumps inhales. Saskia takes quick but deep drags, often closing her eyes to truly enjoy both the massage and the nicotine. She releases nice cone exhales.
Scene 2 introduces Saskia smoking portrait. The lovely girl immediately lights up a Slim 120s for your pleasure! The sound is clear so you can perfectly hear the pumps, shhhh sounds of the inhales, and the exhales. She takes quick drags, constantly bringing the cigarette to her lips. Her eyes and motions prove that she really enjoys that delightful moment.
Scene 3 is Diana’s turn to convince you with sensual poses and also a 120s. This girl likes to keep her eye lids half closed to enjoy her cigarette better. She takes deep drags to bring the smoke to her lungs, performs some open mouth inhales with a clear shhhh sound, some driftings and releases big clouds of white creamy smoke.
Download this video if you want to enjoy some hot smoking massage session with two desirable girls. Each of her has her own style, so you’ll spend a quiet delightful moment with this beautiful chain-smoking duo!

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