Sam and Paula british babes who love to smoke!


If you’ve been looking for a video smokefest – you’ve found it!
Sam and Paula simply love to smoke, and they make no secret of it in this tape!
The two British girls smoke together, they play with their smoke, they share and trade their smokes,
they shotgun their smoke, all the while talking about smoking!
The majority of the time they smoke cigarettes, but Paula also teaches Sam to smoke a cigar and a pipe –
she even teaches her how to “foot smoke!”
There are a few “role-playing” scenes, such as Sam interviewing for a job at a tobacco company,
and the video finishes with Sam and Paula on the floor, touching and sharing smoke!
If you’re into sizzling smoking – do not miss this one!
55 minutes – various brands including 120s, cigars and pipes – dialogue, suggestive situations but no sex or nudity.

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