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Encarni & Mireya: Smoking Girls


Encarni is quite a smoker! Mireya taught Encarni to smoke after school when they were 13, since then they have shared the habit together. Now both are 23 and have been smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per day. Both models have got a strong habit, as can be seen by the volume of smoke that this pair produce as they smoke in excess of 10 cigarettes between them!

There are 3 different scenes in total (with Encarni’s solo scene at the end). The girls talk in Spanish throughout the clip as they suck smoke deep as they do double and even triple pumps, sucking on their cigarettes as smoke gushes from their noses. This video displays chain light ups (from both cigarettes and lighters) dangles, nose exhales and even some doubles! At the same time the video is relaxed and informal, these girls really smoke like this all the time, and are used to inhaling this volume of smoke!

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