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Slim 120s Colight Coherent Light Photography


Amiko, Jade and Selena wrap their pretty lips around Virginia Slims 120s as they direct their comments, and often their smoke, at you in this out-of-print CoherentLight title. Amiko starts, and spins quite a tale as she smokes: she explicitly describes what it would be like if it she was targeting you with her smoke from across the bar. You’d enjoy the cab ride home with her and go inside for a drink and a little oral fun. Jade then shows two different looks and handles her VS 120s with grace. Finally, Selena spins her own smoky tale; it starts at the bar as she wonders when you first discovered your love of smoke. She’s amused by your tale of watching the beautiful neighbor woman smoke when you were younger and is delighted at what you did privately in your room after she left. She teases you with her ‘mouthfuls of creamy smoke’ and then in a revealing final scene she reclines on her bed, mirror in the background, and gives you one more 120 in which to catch up with her. The smoking in this piece is exquisite, with snaps, french inhales and open-mouth inhales; straight, husky, nose and right-at-you exhales; smoke rings, multiple drags and talking exhales – from all sorts of great angles. There is natural sound and lots of sexy and explicit dialogue; it’s a great classic video.

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