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Soraya: Power Smoking Teenager


This video of beautiful Soraya runs over twelve minutes. In which time, she manages to devour four full-strength cigarettes. There is no dialogue in the video, but her actions definitely speak louder than words. The model performs dangles, innumerable nose exhales and deep, deep inhales with the most wonderful whooshing sound as she heaves that thick, thick tobacco smoke into her hungry, young lungs.

In the first scene in which the model smokes two cigarettes, she is wearing just a hint of a tantalising tartan skirt as she watches herself in the mirror, powerfully enriching her body with lashings of nicotine. In the second scene, the gorgeous Soraya reveals her perfectly-formed body as she radiates glamour and smokey-seductiveness in a black bikini. All the while she intoxicates her heavenly body with that rich, warm, smoke. The only audio in the video is of the heaving of this stunning young models chest as she drags the smoke out of her brown filter and into her blackening lungs.

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