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Suzi Pretty Smoking Sister


Introducing new pretty smoking model Suzi who happens to be Ava Greys half sister. She is in town visiting for the holidays so Ava brought her along for a shoot since she also loves smoking. Suzi is an attractive 25 year old, a very fun & friendly girl full of confidence and she is quite tall measuring at just over 6 feet tall. Suzi is playful and engages you throughout the video as she smokes her cigarettes.
Suzi smokes 3 Marlboro Reds in three scenes with some nice snaps & omis, Ava joins her in the 3rd scene, they have fun & laugh and talk about smoking and Ava asks her some questions about her smoking habit.
Sexy smoking from Ava’s cute younger sister Suzi and two sexy sisters smoking Reds together!!!

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