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The Beginner Gets Fully Trained


What’s the result of Marta’s smoke coaching since Nina was taught to smoke one year ago?

Nina is now becoming a happy part time smoker. The begginer has made big headways: her cheeks start to cave in, and she often exhales residual smoke. But the most important is that Nina now enjoys smoking! There is a section where we filmed her alone smoking Lights 100s.

Nina is gorgeous enjoying her new habit: she displays open mouth inhales and she loves to powersmoke through her nostrils while dangling her 100s! The 2 girls also enjoy some smoking games: they blow the smoke in each other’s face; they enjoy some “two at once” drags, and they practice some cross cigarettes sharing… Lovely!

Marta, the teacher, also made headways and can now handle keeping loads of smoke in her lungs! She takes care of always lighting up a new cigarette as one is ending. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Nina’s progress: a girl that was reluctant to smoke and now becoming a fulfilled happy smoker, thanks to her sexy coach.

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