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Valeria: Mature Smoker Interview


Valeria has been a professional ballet dancer and fashion model, until she retired 3 years ago. She is now 40 years old and she smokes up to 3 packs of reds per day. She has got deep raspy smoker voice and ocasional wet coughs, proving her 23 years smoking history. She displays extreme cheek hollowing drags, followed by “for ever” holdings that fixes her cravings.

This video includes 3 scenes of Valeria, chaining with distinctive elegance 8 full-flavour cigarettes, down to the butt. The last scene is really interesting: a long 15 minutes interview (Spanish subtitled to English) where Valeria reveals many secrets of her smoking history, since her beginnings being coached to smoke by her own mother in Ukraine when she was a teenager, to the last days when she kept smoking regularly while being pregnant.

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