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More Love To Share Raqui Rivers


I know we just started dating, but I’m so glad you could be here on a night like tonight, to help me celebrate. As you know, I work for RJ Reynolds, and I’ve just been promoted to Assistant Director of International Marketing, and I get to share my love of cigarette smoking around the world. With this new promotion, I think it’s really important that the guy I’m seeing picks up a smoking habit, otherwise it might jeopardize my career if I can’t even get my boyfriend to start smoking! Don’t worry though, I’ll show you how.

I discuss with you all the things I like about cigarettes, from their looks, to their taste, to the professional terminology like “tobacco column” and my favorite, “paper porosity,” all while smoking two More 120’s. I teach you to hold the smoke in your lungs and I blow my smoky kisses in your face, getting you used to the taste of tobacco on my mouth and lips so we can be together.

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