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A big FAT lie ! Eva36d


Custom Clip :

“You start off the clip talking about how you have been working on your health and fitness lately and you want to tell everyone about it and show off all of your hard work. Maybe you can wear your spanx and really look thin.

You pose for the camera, you are wearing a super tight and sexy outfit…you are sucking in your empty stomach as hard as you can to make yourself look at thin as you can. You model your sexy body for the camera and show off how good you look.

You change into some workout clothes( off camera) because you are going to show how you got into shape.

You get on your exercise bike and start biking, you try and go as fast as you can. As you are biking you start coughing badly, you try and fight it but you need a cigarette.

You jump off the bike coughing and looking sweaty, and you grab a cigarette and start smoking, but you realize one cig is not cutting take another and smoke it…now you are smoking two at once. You model your body for the camera and talk about how much you love to smoke and need cigarettes.

When you are done smoking the cigs you light up two more…you need the nicotine, it feels so good in your lungs and you talk about how sexy you look when you smoke.

When you are done those cigarettes you try to bike again but you so out of shape that you can’t and your lungs are shot from smoking.

You have a large pizza and sides on the table and you talk about everything you said earlier was a lie.

You love smoking and eating, and you are going to eat and smoke as much as you want!

You dig into the pizza savoring every bite. You talk about how you love to eat and you love to eat all you want.

You stop halfway through your feast to smoke a couple of cigarettess and show off your sexy body.

You finish your meal and smoke another cigarette showing off your extremely full stomach while you talk about how sexy you look and how you can’t wait to grow bigger and get fatter

When you are smoking if you can talk about when you like to smoke? what your favorite times to smoke are? how long you have been smoking for? If you ever feel any effects from smoking? Stuff like that.”


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