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Agnieszka Denise Esmeralda Chain Smoking


For this 3 models inhaling smoke is as natural as inhaling air. They voraciously devour their cigarettes one after the other, lighting up the next cigarette with the previous one – no video cuts throughout 18 minutes of glory. But on topic dialogue clearly enhances their addiction.

Denise (the oriental girl) quizzes Agnieszka (the blonde polish teenager) on her smoking habit – all the while taking enormous hits off her cigarette with some of the most thick and creamy French-inhales ever filmed. Agnieszka’s tells that she smokes since she wakes until before she sleeps, often smoking up to 2 packs of Reds per day! She admits that she does not want to quit smoking until she is at least 60 years old, in spite of the effects it has on her body especially when she plays sport. She has a straightforward but very deep smoking style.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda (the brunette – a Spaniard) chain smokes in profile. Her ample breasts rise and fall as she quickly and thoroughly chains two 100s and one red 100, taking enormous mouth-filling drags, and thick mouth-nose combo exhales. On the occasion that she does speak, her smoky breath cascades dreamily from her mouth and nose before being recycled in some exquisite residual exhales. Her wonderful dark-brown voice communicates her passion and intensity of her smoking. Her lungs are clearly very used to being filled with very thick smoke and she is certainly in no hurry to empty them of their precious load.

Finally, Denise is interviewed by Agniezska about her smoking history. All the while her style is littered with these beautifully controlled and totally natural French-inhales. Purchasing this video is a no-brainer for anyone who loves girls who love expanding their chests with nicotine-rich smoke.

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