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Caitlin & Christi In Real Life


Caitlin & Christi is one hour in length, filmed with a digital video camera, and features dialog with the girls talking about smoking and when they started. This video features scenes shot in a studio setting and a few scenes shot in public places.

Caitlin smokes pretty straitforwardly, with excelent full exhales. Christi demonstrates her ability to hold an inhale before exhaling. Caitlin looks the part of that cute quiet innocent girl that sat next to you in math class, who you never imagined would smoke…let alone a VS 120. She appears with hair up and glasses, and smokes with in an almost “new smokers” uneasiness that vanishes as she shows she knows what she is doing.

The predominent brands smoked are VS 120’s, and Marlboro Light 100’s, and marlboro 100’s menthol.

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