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Ajda: Enjoying Her Smoke


Ajda smokes five cigarettes in this video (20 minutes), and her smoking style is slow and intense together. She wraps her lips around the filter and starts sucking and the cigarette’s end flares up with a distinct glowing curve every time. This sort of dragging guarantees her that when she inhales, there is always a more than satisfying volume of smoke providing her a delicate taste and of course intense feelings of contentment.

Scene 1: Ajda smokes two cigs while standing in front of the camera. Watch out for beautiful snap inhale moments.
Scene 2: Ajda smokes two cigarettes on the sofa. Nice view angles. If you look at her different exhales, don’t you think that they are always kind of playful? Well, it is her striving for maximum taste again.
Scene 3: Ajda smokes one more cig while being filmed from the side. She prooves again that she regularly exploits the taste potential of a single filter cigarettes to the fullest.
This video has no dialogue and besides that, it is generally a production that has a high potential to pacify every viewer. It is because of Ajda’s smoking rhythm and smoking style which are in turn the requirements for gaining maximum taste and feelings of “relaxed sensation” out of every single shred of tobacco.

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