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Angie answer 29 questions in her new smoking interview


SmokingAngie Who doesn’t love interviews?! In this one I answer 29 questions while chainsmoking 2 cigarettes (a cork and a white). Audible inhales and exhales, talking dangling sometimes, snaps, open mouth inhales and some tricks at the end to finish my cigarette.

1- If you had a one hour lunch break how many would you smoke during your break (would you eat more or smoke more in that hour)?
2- Do you ever consider the condition of your lungs during the day as you smoke?
3- What time of day is your favorite time to smoke?
4- Have you ever taught someone how to smoke?
5- What do you think of the guys that enjoy watching females smoke and what do you think of the dark side aspects of the interest?
6- How does it feel knowing you are a very popular smoking model?
7- Do you smoke different when making a video than you do in real life?
8- Do you think you have strong lungs?
9- Can you take a deep inhale of smoke and hold it in your lungs until it is completely absorbed?
10- Would you give up smoking for your boyfriend?
11- How many pumps are you able to do at one time? (can you demonstrate)
12- Do you ever feel guilty about what you are doing to your lungs by smoking?
13- Do you know a lot of girls that are smokers?
14- How do you feel about the smell of smoke on your clothes and in your house?
15- How does it feel when doing your double pumps with those huge nose exhales?
16- When you are out partying with your girlfriends and drinking beer or wine, how many cigarettes can you chain smoke in a row (example if you were out on new year’s eve night or your birthday)?
17- If a doctor ordered you to stop smoking, such as if you were pregnant, or had a bad cough, would you stop or continue to smoke regardless because your lungs love it so much?
18- Do you think you smoke too much?
19- Do you get stressed out by the idea of running out of cigarettes?
20- How many cigarettes have you smoked so far today? By the end of the day how many do you think you will smoke?
21- Describe the feelings/sensations you experience with the smoke in your lungs.
22- On average how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
23- When you have a full ashtray of cigarette butts do you ever think of all the tar that they have left behind in your lungs or you don’t think of it at all?
24- What is your favourite brand of cigarettes?
25- If you do not want to quit, can you see yourself smoking into you 50’s and older?
26- Do you care about your secondhand smoke affecting anyone around you?
27- Do some friends/family/doctor give you a hard time about smoking and tell you that it may cause lung cancer? What do you say to them?
28- What would you tell a non-smoker they are missing on by not being a smoker.
29- After you put out a cigarette how many minutes do you begin to crave another?

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