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Beautiful model Bohe returns to continue her chain smoking interview series videos. We can’t get enough of this smoking babe and neither can her fans. There are few smoking babes as alluring as this pretty 21 year old model. This university student has been smoking for 7 years now since she was a middle school This attractive girl with slender legs and a perfect body is pretty enough to be a fashion superstar model. She smokes about 1 pack of strong brand Yuxi cigarettes daily. This is a seductive and very beautiful heavy smoking young girl who doesn’t care about the bad health effects smoking has on her body. Her friendly smile and charming eye contact are unforgettable.
In this special interview series continuation video Bohe wears an enticing black outfit. She chain smokes 2 cigarettes in 8 minutes and shows you the dark tar colored filters after she is finished. She allures you to her perfect slim body figure and slender legs with fast rhythm smoking. She answers many more smoking health awareness, habit, manner and attitude questions from the producer including:

1) How do you think tobacco affects you?
2) Do you think quitting smoking is impossible?
3) Do you like strong or weak cigarettes?
4) If you stay at home for one day how many cigarettes can you smoke?
5) Do you think smoking causes cancer?
6) Can you stand waiting for a long time without smoking?
7) Do you smoke at your current workplace?
8) Do you think you will quit smoking in the next 10 years?

Bohe will captivate you with her natural camera presence. She tries to put as much smoke into her body as possible during the interview because she knows you are watching. Her natural smoking style includes regular french inhales, mini snap inhales, recycled french inhales and mouth/nose combo exhales. This smoking babe’s innocent girl image combined with her aggressive smoking style will appeal to most smoking fans. All the scenes are captured from 2 angles that include both a side and front view. There is improved side view angle filming that enhances the large smoke volume visual effect. This girl turns everyone on and I am sure she will turn you on too

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