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Chain Smoking Iveta Interviews Ajda


Ajda is back! And Iveta leads an heavy smoking interview! (those girls move a lot of smoke out!)

Both girls smoke with confidence and style! Ajda naturally draws hard on her cigarette. She shows us her entire repertoire enjoying some full mouth inhales, snaps, French inhales, open mouth inhales and dangles. Her exhales are either enormous cones or talking exhales. She also performs wonderful nose mouth combinations.

On her side, Iveta displays her signature cheek hollowing drags and constantly release the smoke with residual exhales, most of them with her nostrils, some with her mouth.
Here Ajda gives us some details about her addiction: “I smoke 7 or 8 cigarettes before going out, around 15 before going to bed.”
About the health and addiction aspect, Ajda answers with conviction: “you’re confused, smoking is healthy, it gives me company, I’m happy to have that addiction” She even adds: “I don’t need to eat, cigarettes give me everything”.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Ajda’s addiction. About how she feels at 25, after 10 years of intense smoking. And Iveta is not only the sexier interviewer we’ve ever had but such a heavy smoker too! This clip will make your head turn!

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