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Goddess Chloe & Mistress Leah Smoking in Latex Dresses – Smoking Fetish WomenWhoSmoke


Goddess Chloe Toy & Mistress Rebecca Leah are both looking so hot in their Latex dresses! Chloe is wearing a tight, red and black Latex dress with see through panels down the front and sides. Rebecca is wearing a glamorous pink and black Latex dress with a cute black Latex bow on the front. They are both gagging for a cigarette after such a long, hard day! Rebecca lights up her cigarette and then light’s up Chloe’s. Mmm….they both love to smoke in Latex and can’t help but touch and stroke it while they both inhale and exhale on their cigarettes. They also love the noise it makes when they ‘ping’ the latex and stoke it hard with their fingertips. Rebecca and Chloe are both incredibly sexy smokers, looking into your eyes as they naturally, managing to smoke the cigarettes in sync with each other! Impressive! Sucking the smoke in hard and puffing it out as you sit in front of them…this pair are way too hot to handle! Chloe feeds Rebecca her cigarette, letting her taste her cigarette and then Rebecca does it back to Chloe. Both sharing their cigarettes like they are sharing you! They both continue to smoke their cigarettes, showing off their smoking techniques. Chloe loves to let the smoke slowly slide out of her mouth before sucking it back in! Rebecca also likes to play with her smoke, dangling the from her mouth, pumping away and catching the smoke back into her mouth. Perfect sexy goddesses!

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