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Gwen Sexy Smoking Girl


Elegance, mastered tricks on a heavy smoker! Gwen smokes 6 full flavour reds in this video:

Scene 1: Dressed with just a lovely bikini, Gwen chain smokes 3 cigarettes showing her repertoire of tricks: double and triple drags, open mouth-drifting inhales, rings and perfect snap inhales. There is power smoking action and extra long drags: more than 5 seconds! She often moistens her lips to keep the perfect grip on the filter tip. Her breasts rise after each deep drag to welcome that tremendous amount of smoke!

Scene 2: Gwen chain smokes 3 more cigarettes, wearing a transparent chemise that reveals her generous breasts. She is power smoking! releasing the smoke through beautiful nose-mouth combinations. Gwen dangles her cigarette exhaling the smoke by her nostrils. Both the sound and the lighting are perfection here: hear her smoking breath and her cigarette burning, see the residual smoke coming from her breath. The full ashtray confirms her habit: she smokes all her reds until the pack is done.

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