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Roxie Beginner Smoking Cutie


Introducing new smoking model Roxie a really cute busty 18 year old that recently started smoking cigarettes. Roxie comes from a very strict religious household and was never able to do what she wanted, she has a rebellious spirit and wanted to try things that were forbidden. Now she recently turned 18 and has her freedom she first went out and got a couple small tattoos, had her first drink and started smoking cigarettes. This is her first modeling gig and she wanted to wear some skimpy outfits as she enjoys smoking cigarettes and feeling naughty and rebellious. Although she is a rookie smoker she smokes her cigarettes down with some nice audible deep inhales as she is on her way to becoming a regular smoker. She is a little bit shy but looks at you often and sometimes slightly flirtatious. Roxie smokes 6 Marlboro Reds in 6 new sexy smoking scenes, each scene is captured from two angles and all are included. Pretty girl Roxie coming out of her shell becoming a sexy addicted smoking babe !!!

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