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Innocent Nadine Learns how to Smoke Cigarettes! Smoking Fetish Studio


Like many young girls Nadine wanted to try cigarettes to determine if she enjoyed the sensation of smoking. I thus talked her through the entire process of how to smoke cigarettes; from holding a cigarette to inhaling the smoke.

In a total of 6 scenes shot over the course of an afternoon, Nadine makes good progress in learning how to smoke. The first scene features Nadine smoking like a novice – holding the cigarette awkwardly and not breathing the smoke into her lungs. As the video progresses she becomes more competent and her ability to smoke evolves.

Nadine starts to feel a little more comfortable holding a cigarette between her fingers and she begins to naturally inhale the smoke into her lungs after each drag.

My instructions on how to smoke, how to hold a cigarette, when/how to flick the ashes off diminish after a few scenes as Nadine makes good progress. Nadine is a sweet girl with a cheerful disposition. She’s really enthusiastic about trying smoking and attempts to become a pro within a single afternoon. I think perhaps we pushed the boundaries a little too far however. After smoking 6 cigarettes over the course of several hours, Nadine feels the effects of the smoke and needs to stop filming and sit down.

For anybody who enjoys watching first time smokers making good progress, this video will be a magnificent addition to your collection.

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