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Lorena & Eli: Smoking All Day Long


24 year old Lorena’s hacking, wet cough and deep voice show this stunning girl’s love affair with cigarettes. At the moment of the depiction she was smoking 30 cigarettes a day, and during the film she is joined by her beautiful petite friend Eli (40 a day). They started smoking together aged 15 and have not stopped since.

Both girls smoke powerfully and quickly, with long erect drags and chest-raising inhales to efficiently absorb the nicotine from their thick smoke.

In this extra-long video, the two girls pull the smoke from 13 cigarettes deep into their hungry lungs; they chain smoke all day long while doing their makeup, working, in the street and while relaxing. Smoking is a way of life for these women and after nine years, they’re still sucking hard.

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