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Lucy And Ainhoa: The Chimney Girls


This extra long 27 min. clip features Lucy and Ainhoa, both aged 22 and best friends in real life. Both girls have been chain smoking together since they were teenagers, usually meeting on Ainhoa’s bedroom. On a good day together, they can easily burn 2 packs of cigarettes each on its own way. Lucy and Ainhoa perfectly assumed to smoke a lot in this session, They smoke 14 cigarettes together in this video, as they compare themselves as chimneys!

The two girls speak spanish, their own native language. There are no subtitles here since their girly conversation topics are not related with their smoking habit. Anyway because their conversations, the girls pop continual residuals and smoke naturally (but without breaks and powerfully) as they do in real life. Each one of these models has her own smoking style:

Ainhoa, the busty one, displays a fast and efficient power-smoker style, featuring deep double or triple drags, hollowing her chicks and often angling up her cigarette when she pulls hard on the filter. She often snap inhales and powersmokes exhaling through her nostrils. Ainhoa is in the mood to show her smoking tricks along the video, featuring french inhales and some rings. Ainhoa is a flash smoking winner and one of the most powerful smokers we’ve ever seen.

The Spanish beauty Lucy, on her side, is more classic and glamourous, snap inhaling most of the time and firmly holding the cigarette as she drags. Her breast expansions after each inhale are clearly visible and natural: she seems to love to keep the smoke inside. Once she blows out her well loaded cone exhales, she still keeps holding a huge load of smoke in her lungs, that will become soon into clearly visible secondary residual exhales. Lucy’s voice starts to be tainted by tobacco, witnessing for many years of devoted smoking despite being 22 years old. Her daily intake goes from 30 to 40 cigarettes per day. Moreover she has some rare wet coughs between each cigarette.

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