Match Lightups 2 Cinesmoke


As with the first installment of Match Lightups, this video is a combination of two custom videos I shot. It’s all lightups with matches, all white cigarettes, all 120’s with Sara but Sonya smokes 120’s and 100’s. The Sonya footage was shot the same day I shot her stuff for “She May Know You”, so the shots of her stuff look similar to the shots in that video. I was restricted by my client’s instructions when shooting Sara, I wasn’t allowed to do too much of a closeup, so her stuff is pretty straightforward. Sonya’s stuff however, is some of the best stuff I’ve ever shot, in my opinion, there are some beautiful shots with her. Each scene here starts with the girl lighting her cigarette with a match, taking about three drags, then on to the next scene. In all there are about 55 lightups in this video. Kind of alot now that I think about it. We forego live sound in this video in favor of music.

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