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Oriana Interview To A Sexy Smoking Woman


Oriana is an Italian woman who started to smoke being 15 years old. She liked it from the very beginning and now she smokes from over 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Smoking is a family tradition for this woman: “It is normal to smoke. My mother smokes, my brother and my sister do. But among them, I’m the heaviest smoker”. Oriana is a true addicted smoker: see her craving for a smoke as we prevent her from smoking for a while!

Here are other quotes of this interview, but it’s way better to hear it from her raspy voice!: “The first cigarette of the day is the best for me. My breakfast is only coffee and cigarettes, that’s it, and it’s perfect.”; “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to smoke, I light up and I feel immediately better.”; “I smoke as much as usual when I’m sick, I need to smoke.” This woman obviously loves to smoke: “smoking is very good, the sensations differs, depending on your mood. It can relax you or arouse you…”

Her style is really languorous. Her thin body and face enhance her cheek hollowing drags. She touches the essence of chainsmoking as she often chains the next cigarette with the ending one. Here, she performs it two times! She also lights up with a lighter. Her exhales are great to see with rich nose mouth combinations or cone exhales. She likes to drift a little cloud of smoke and then releases a big cone exhale. She also performs some dangling with powersmoking action, even dragging again before releasing the previous drag. Go download this video to share her seductive avid smoking style.

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