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Patricia, breasts full of smoke


She is turned on by smoking half naked. As she drags her two breasts come out as she goes on smoking and smoking
The first ever video of SmokingSexies welcomes Patricia, one of the favourite models from SmokingSweeties comes back. The video opens with this girl dancing and dragging hard on her cigarette, taking multiple pumps. She takes some hard long drags, dangles, and lifts the sweater to reveal her perfect round firm breasts. She’s a tease, giving you just a taste of what’s more to come…

A minute later Patricia wears just two stripes of cloth hardly covering her nipples, she’s halfway through her cig but soon she lights a fresh one. This young sexy girl obviously loves to expose her body and smoke. Her perfecty round breasts are rising as she drags deep. Damn her cig is already finished ! She instantly reaches her pack of beloved cigarettes and lights another one.

In the second scene this girl smokes an unfiltered cigarette, dragging as deep as on a normal cigarette. Patricia, wearing a tight sweater with no bra, is playful and begins dancing on the music, taking out another cigarette from her pack and power smoking, having drag after drag as she moves her sexy body and playing with her tits again. She drags, does some make up, dangles and exhales thick streams of smoke from her nose and mouth. She’s visibly turned on by her smoking and nudity. This girl never can get enough nicotine, so she lights up another cigarette for a more sensual smoking action with breasts out.

In the final scene Patricia is dressed in a long skirt with a see through white lingerie top. But the cloth never lasts long on her soft silky breasts that she prefers to proudly expose. Taking her tipical long deep drags, snapping and dangling, taking double and triple pumps, holding the smoke inside her lungs, then exhaling long thick white smoke… her nipples look so happy when she smokes like this!

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