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Random Snaps Special #145


This one starts with a bang with Ashlee and Kimberlee in bras doing hair and makeup, as Ashlee smokes corks with nice straightforward style, dangles and smoke rings – and teaches non-smoker Kimberlee how to inhale. After some coughing at first, Kimberlee turns out to be a pretty good, and eager, student over the course of 20 minutes. Debby has two scenes smoking corks with straightforward style, in gold lingerie and then in a fur vest. Jen C. is sizzling hot (complete with heels and garters) relaxing on the couch with a cork, taking enormous drags and showing lots of slow nose exhales, plus cone exhales, frenches, snaps and smoke rings with some terrific eye contact. This video closes with glamour solo shoots featuring Leah (cork) and Loretta (VS 120); they each show off their full range of style, from snaps and frenches to double drags and nose exhales. There is natural sound and some dialogue in this title.

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