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Alexia: Pure Smoking Glamour


Enjoying 8 cigarettes in 25 minutes, 3 chained in a row while giving an interview, this pack and a half a day sweetheart will infect not only lovers of glamour-smoking but also those who relish satisfying smoking prowess in women who simply adore pulling smoke deep into their lungs.

The 24 year old Alexia has got an exquisite natural smoking style: her full lips wrapped entirely around her stained filters and heaving smoke deep into her body with full-bodied open mouth inhales. This is her real life smoking style; a perfect display of deep, hard drags, double and triple hits with and without nasal leakage, long dangles, breast-heaving inhales, long lung-holds, thick combo and nose exhales. Alexia does it all with textbook perfection and genuine love for smoke – she effortlessly combines beauty, glamour and true smoking pleasure.

Alexia oozes class and sex appeal. The site of her deep blue eyes, luscious lips and full round breasts swathed in dense smoke are dangerously seductive.

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