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Judit: Chain Smoking Model Interview


Judit (23) started to smoke at 12, playing with friends. She quickly got hooked. Her style is impressive: Huge drags and nostrils exhales, and lots of residual smoke from her talking exhales. She moves a lot of smoke! breathing in extra air with her nostrils while inhaling to push the smoke even deeper in her lungs. You clearly hear her inhaling, and most of the time, she exhales through her nostrils.

While she chain-smokes, she tells her smoking story with her smoker raspy voice: “I need to smoke all the time…” she says, blowing residual smoke. Her addiction for Red cigarettes is pretty heavy: 2 to 3 packs a day. “I need strong cigarettes to get satisfied”. One day she burnt down the incredible amount of 5 packs of cigarettes, because she felt stressed, having trouble with her boyfriend. That’s more than 6 cigarettes per hour on a regular 16 hours day!

As she kills her cigarette, she enjoys showing you the nicotine stained filter. You can see that she really enjoys smoking, sometimes dangling, closing her eyes, keeping the smoke in her lungs, and doing some nice combinations of nostril exhales and cone exhales. You’ll also see Judit smoking in underwear, revealing her perfect round breasts; And yes! You see breasts expansion as she avidly drags on her red. As the camera gets really close to her, you’ll hear the tobacco crackling and also nice pop sound as she releases the cigarette from her mouth to inhale.

Go for this video if you like innocent-looking girl that are heavy smokers. Moreover, this girl is really friendly, and has a great smoky smile and natural sexy style. Judit truly is a strongly addicted girl with great skills to show!

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