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Eugenia: Desperate Smoking Habit


Eugenia started to smoke at the early age of 15, stealing cigarettes from her parents. Now that she is 23, she has developed a desperate habit for cigarettes (30 cigarettes per day). This girl caves her cheeks really hard as he drags on her cigarette, she leaves a little cloud of smoke as she removes the cigarette from her parted lips, while inhaling as deep as she can! Eugenia uses to take double drags while exhaling through her nostrils, as well as some triple drags!

Believe it or not, the second cigarette is smoked down to the butt in 2,11 minutes.This is powerful smoking action as Eugenia takes the most smoke her cigarette can deliver, burning her cigarettes double dragging and almost always powersmoking! As soon as the previous one is crushed in the ashtray, she lights another one to satisfy her cravings. Drags are so massive that she soon gets wrapped in a thick cloud of smoke! With such volumes of smoke inhaled, residual exhales are not rare to see!

Eugenia smokes in different outfits and situations, always sexy as hell, smoking 8 cigarettes along this video.

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