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Random Snaps Special #160


This video opens with sexy Jaylee in black stockings and a lacy top revealing her black bra, smoking a cork 100 with deep drags, and lots of mouth, nose, combined exhales and smoke rings, with a beautiful smile as she continually catches your eye. Kim B. is in a short black skirt and heels, in a right-at-you scene that showcases her cheek-hollowing drfags, snap-french inhales, nose and mouth-nose exhales as she enjoys a VS 120. Mel L. has her own VS 120 and then a cork 100 as she’s topless under her fur, with lots of recycled french inhales and mouth exhales, and then cute Sharnay smokes a cork 100 in her car, not even bothering to use the ashtray. The video ends with Susan lounging in lingerie as she looks sexy but still has fun playing her smoke, and Sara P. delicately but expertly smoking VS 120s and corks with frenches, small snaps, nose and mouth exhales. There is a little dialogue and natural sound in this title.

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