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Rebecca Leah & Chloe Toy smoking in the window topless – Smoking Fetish WomenWhoSmoke


Rebecca Leah and Chloe Toy are stood in the window in just their panties. Each of the girls take a cigarette. Rebecca lights her cigarette first and then offers Chloe to spark up from her flame. Rebecca bends over as she blows the smoke out of the window, showing off her amazing bottom! Chloe is playing with her hair while she smokes her cigarette and runs her hands over her body. Both girls look amazing! The natural light bouncing off their topless bodies looks so hot and they both have the most amazing pair of bum’s you have ever seen! As each of the girls takes a puff of their cigarette, you get a glimpse of side boob from them both. They have such perfect, natural tits and tight bodies. Together, the girls are pure smoking heaven. As they finish their cigarettes, they tease you a little more, running their hands over their bodies and adjusting their panties….so cheeky!

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