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A New Smoker Smoking Cigarettes: Will Sim Become Addicted to Smoking? Smoking Fetish Studio


Originally from Italy Sim is a most striking model! She’s a fitness instructor and until recently would never have considered even sampling a cigarette let alone embarking on a journey to become a smoker.

Her story started around 7 – 10 days before I filmed her smoking a couple of cigarettes. She has always been in conflict with smoking; a custom she always knew was sexy, but also unhealthy. As a fitness instructor she had refrained from trying a cigarette … until she met her new boyfriend!

In a new relationship a new direction emerged and finally in her early 20’s Sim tried some of her boyfriend’s cigarettes. As she predicted she immediately enjoyed them.

In these two scenes Sim smoked 2 Sterling Red 100 cigarettes which were evidently stronger than the cigarettes her boyfriend provided for her. She coughs a little on occasion and sometimes struggles to fully inhale the smoke. However, although new to smoking Sim loves the sensation of the creamy smoke in her lungs. Twice we discuss the sexiness of smoking and she reveals that she’s even read articles on how guys find it sexy! She claims she looks alluring while smoking cigarettes and she enjoys the overall sensation cigarettes provide.

I ask Sim to describe the feeling of smoke in her lungs. She says it initially “burns” but concedes that she enjoys this feeling and adores the overall sensation that smoking cigarettes gives her.

I filmed this scene back in the winter and unfortunately Sim is now home in Italy. However, I’m certain that she’ll be relaxing with a cigarette as you’re reading this!

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