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Smoking As Art Extreme Smoking Quixotic Curate


Custom Request. In this clip, I’m lying on my floor, wearing nothing but a g-string. I light a cigarette and smoke it deeply, inhaling several times before each exhalation. Watch my almost-naked body quiver with each deep gust of smoke. I light a second cigarette off the embers of the first, and smoke that one as quickly as I can, again completely filling my lungs before each exhalation. I take a small break after my second cigarette, as you watch my chest rise and fall, breathing deeply, experiencing a full-on head rush. I then light a third cigarette and smoke it deeply, inhaling as many times as I can before each exhalation. Once that cigarette has been completely, deeply smoked, I lie on my floor as you watch my body, chest rising and falling with each breath, skin tingling. I blow you a kiss and you can almost taste the lingering smoke on my breath…

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