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Smoking & Talking with Ginger Britteni Bank the Chain Smoker


Ginger and I smoke a blunt and talk about all kinds of different topics pertaining to smoking. I smoke a Newport in the middle of the blunt and we both smoke one after the blunt too. Ginger has a, we talk about her struggles of smoking/trying to quit during her pregnancy, and how having a now effects her smoking habits. We talk about smokers in our families, dating and smoking, how we’ve basically only dated smokers, how it is to date a non smoker, etc. Ginger talks about her own smoking fetish and experiences with smoking and having sex, smoking and masturbating etc. We have known each other for a very long time, so we talk about some of our smoking experiences of the past, how she bought cigarettes when she was younger, etc. This is a very long video, we cover a TON of different topics related to smoking. Quite a bit of coughing during the blunt as well.

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