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Anna M.C.: Her Natural Snap Inhale


Anna M.C. makes a welcome return on Smokingsweeties Volume 20, devouring 7 red cigarettes in the three scenes of this 23 minute video.

Anna’s smoking is developing quickly as she is becoming more addicted to her beloved cigarettes – performing long drags and deep, audible inhales to satisfy her nicotine cravings. She has her beautiful natural snap inhale, when you can glimpse the full flavour smoke escape her mouth before she sucks it quickly back into her chest with natural precision.

Anna M.C. is a very proficient smoker for her young age, 19. Performing long dangles with multiple hands free drags, thick nose exhales and proudly showing off her stained filters.

A natural beauty, Anna doesn’t need to wear much makeup; only cigarettes are needed to make this beautiful girl a truly stunning smoker.

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