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Asian young beauty Bohe’s extremely elegant and super sexy breathing Asian Fetish Club


Our studio would like to introduce a very pretty and alluring 21 year old model Bohe. This pretty university student with slender legs looks like a fashion model. She has been smoking for 7 years now since she was a middle school You will be surprised to see this attractive girl as such an experienced smoker. Smoking in front of the camera is natural for her because she has some modeling experience. She is an elegant and charming girl who enjoys smoking. Her sweet smile and friendly manner will melt you and leave you wanting more.
In this video Bohe chain smokes 2 cigarettes in 9 minutes. She smokes with a fast aggressive style that many will like finishing the cigarettes in minutes each. Once this girl lights a cigarette there is endless smoke in her lungs. Her natural style includes regular french inhales, mini snap inhales and recycled french inhales, The highlights of her smoking skills are the endless exhales. There are mouth exhales, nose exhales, combo mouth/nose exhales and nose residuals. There is always a little smoke left in her lungs trying to get out before she takes the next drag. You will wonder how these long lung holds affect this cute girl’s health condition. Her cute innocent girl image combined with her aggressive smoking style will appeal to most heavy smoking fans. All the scenes are captured from 2 angles that include both a side and front view. There is improved side view angle filming that enhances the large smoke volume visual effect. Don’t miss this gorgeous smoking babe

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