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Sophie, 20yo English Girl Sampling Cigarettes for the FIRST Time Ever! Smoking Fetish Studio


In my quest to seek girls who want to either a) try cigarettes for the first time, or b) become regular smokers, I met 20 year old Sophie. Unsure if she wanted to become a regular smoker like her older step-sister (23 years old) I arranged to meet Sophie approximately 4 weeks from the release of this clip. It’s a 2-part clip filmed around a week apart and my objective was to determine if Sophie wanted to start smoking, and of course encourage her to do so.

It’s clear that Sophie had never sampled cigarettes before. She struggled lighting her first cigarette and didn’t know how to inhale until I coerce and instruct her accordingly. Sophie smokes 3 cigarettes during the film.

My objective during the shoot was to coach a new smoker how to smoke, but also, to provide encouragement. Thus there’s plenty of on topic dialogue featuring me fostering the sentiment that smoking is sexy and alluring! Between shoots I persuade Sophie to watch back the recordings and adapt her smoking style. I ask her directly if she feels smoking is sexy, and then proceed with the subsequent question “do you think YOU’RE sexy when you’re smoking?”

The dialogue is varied. We discuss her step-mother’s reaction to Sophie doing this shoot, and there’s loads of talk on what she feels when she breathes the smoke into her lungs. I also enquire into whether she prefers inhaling or watching herself exhale. And of course after each of her 3 cigarettes I investigate if Sophie is enjoying them more!

Sophie understands that smoking is sexy! I was hoping that this sentiment would propel her into a regular smoker. Although Sophie claims she won’t smoke regularly I was hoping the allure and sex appeal would entice her. After she’d sampled a few cigarettes I was anticipating that allure to grip her and induce an attachment to cigarettes! Part 2 of the film is on its way.

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