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Ava Grey Sexy Smoking Babysitter


Here is the lovely Ava Grey in a custom video, similar to Kayla’s babysitter custom, smoking Marlboro Red 100s in two scenes with the following scenario:
Ava is your babysitter and is watching you for the evening. you are watching cartoons together when Ava decides it is time for her to smoke a cigarette. She smokes her cigarette with big eye catching snaps and open mouth inhales that captivate you. She catches you watching her instead of the tv and lets you know she is already aware that you like watching your sitters smoke since she is friends with Kayla and she told her all about you. Ava continues to smoke her cigarette with awesome inhales and near the end she blows thick smoke right in your face. She knows you like it and tells you she will smoke another and blow all of her smoke in your face if you are a good boy. Obviously you behave and she does smoke another cigarette and engulfs you with all of her thick smoke. Both scenes are captured from a close view and a wide angle and both are included.

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