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Amber Starts Smoking For Her Boyfriend


Here is Amber in a new custom video smoking a Marlboro Red 100 in three separate scenes with the following storyline:
Scene 1: Starting To Smoke To For Her Boyfriend
The first scene Amber is a non-smoker and discovers that her boyfriend has been looking at women that smoke. While he is away on a business trip for a couple weeks she reflects aloud to herself that he hasn’t been that interested in her lately and she doesn’t want to lose him so she considers trying to learn to smoke and since her girlfriend has suggested that she start smoking, she decides to give it a try. She smokes a cigarette, struggling at first and coughing a little. She reminds herself that it will be worth it if she sticks with it. Near the end of her cigarette she calls her boyfriend and tells him that the next time they talk that she has a surprise for him (he doesn’t know she is smoking while they are talking).
Scene 2: Skyping With Her Boyfriend
The next scene takes place 2 weeks after she started smoking and Amber has learned how to smoke sexy. She stands in a tight dress as she Skypes with her boyfriend and tells him how much she misses him and that she has a surprise for him. She reveals a cigarette and lights it up for him. After a few puffs, she asks him if he is pleasantly surprised as she shows off sexy snap inhales with deep inhales and long exhales. Amber’s boyfriend is obviously very impressed and she is really enjoying smoking for him. She then tells him that she is working on a new smoking trick, an OMI and performs a couple for him before she finishes her cigarette.
Scene 3: Skyping With Her Girlfriend
The third scene takes place a month after she started smoking and her boyfriend has come back into town. Amber Skypes with her girlfriend that recommended she start smoking and tells her how much she is enjoying smoking and how glad she is that she started smoking for him. Amber chats with her girlfriend throughout as she smokes her cigarette with sexy inhales talking about how much her boyfriend enjoys and supports her new smoking habit and how well their relationship is going now that she is a committed smoker along with how much she loves being a cigarette smoker.
All three scenes are captured from two angles.

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